Awesome speakers to get your startup cranking!

Attendees will be presented with a dynamic line-up of speakers including start-ups who have transitioned into successful companies, as well as investors, local and national entrepreneurs who get what being a startup in a regional area is about, plus government agencies dedicated to helping start-ups succeed.

“The overriding theme from our speakers in 2016 was that we can deliver global businesses from the regions. Coffs is set to boom through innovation. We have the connectivity, we have the creativity and now we have the entrepreneurial community primed and ready to take-off,” said Stephen Saunders, Section Leader, Industry and Destination Development.

This year is set to be even bigger and better!

marcnagerMARC NAGER   Managing Director, Telluride Venture Accelerator, Telluride USA

Co-Founder of Startup Weekend and former CEO of UP Global and Chief Community Officer at Techstars. Since 2009, Marc has been a leader of the startup movement around the world. He has built and scaled programs that have served more than 300,000 entrepreneurs in over 700 cities and 142 countries around the world. At UP Global he managed a team of nearly 75 people with offices in 5 international locations and oversaw Startup Weekend, Startup Next, Startup Digest, Startup Week, and Startup America. He’s worked with grassroots and political leaders from around the world as well as executives at many FT500 companies around innovation and entrepreneurship.  Having grown up in Mammoth Lakes, CA, his love for the outdoors brought him back to the mountains in Telluride and he’s on a mission to help create a more diversified and sustainable economy in a place that affords him the quality of life only found in a place like Telluride.


adam doyleADAM DOYLE   Managing Director, Bruxner Product Development

Bruxner Product Development is a design consultancy that works with businesses of all sizes to bring innovative products to market.

Bruxner Product Development’s expertise and services help businesses explore new product opportunities, transition from low to high volume production, resolve design problems, replace off-the-shelf products with cost-effective customised solutions and turn technology and intellectual property into complete products.

tony rothackerTONY ROTHACKER Coffs Harbour Innovation Centre

Tony is an innovation advocate whose specialty is to deliver complex technology in a simple way.

Tony trained as an Engineer and has experience in establishing and running his own startups. He has developed passion for the perfect elevator pitch and management techniques that address the entrepreneur’s dilemma of extreme uncertainty.


Stacey Smith Vivid image 2015 (15) v2STACEY SMITH  Founder, Vivid Legal

Stacey Smith is the founder of Vivid Legal – an innovative legal practice helping business owners work smarter, protect against risk and encourage growth and investment.

Vivid helps small business build strong foundations before problems start occurring – encouraging clever, strategic and proactive measures rather than using the ‘bandaide’ approach which drains business of time, money and focus.

By identifying what small business actually needs from their lawyer – everyday language, reasonable and fixed prices and flexibility – Vivid helps businesses in their early and growth stages to improve their business and their long term success.

The winner of the 2015 Edupreneur Award in Law, Stacey is proud to offer education and resources to the entrepreneur and startup communities to help them make informed choices leading to their growth and success.

marc wolfMARK WOLF   Founder, Emalte International

Mark has worked in the field of Environmental Monitoring and the design of systems for Disaster Management for more than 35 years.

During this time Mark has been instrumental in building two Environmental Monitoring businesses, secured and overseen the delivery of world leading projects throughout Australasia, the Middle East and Canada and put an enormous amount of effort into mentoring and caring the staff who entrusted their careers with him.

Now Mark heads up Emalte International offering his services to those requiring the skills and expertise to help build their own businesses, secure projects, develop effective strategic plans, require assistance with securing projects or have a need for a senior project manager to kick start their project works.

We will also hear of the amazing startup journeys of our local businesses, including:

Luke Floyd, creator of  iMilk, a locally designed automated milk tap delivery system. It is the newest milk delivery system on the market, offering the barista full control of milk without touching a button.


Aaron Wittman, co-founder of Risk Angel and finalist in last year’s Pitch Competition.


Cath Savy  co-founder of Go Buggy a regional approach to ride sharing.

These founders have boldly manouvered themselves into the playing field against the likes of Uber and are winning. Find out what made them think they could do it better!


They will share with us their experiences of developing businesses from concept through to delivery and all the trials and lessons that can be shared.